At Warm Roof Pro, we use C24 grade structural timber in all our roofs. Timbers are machined to the highest standards using state of the art woodworking machinery.

Warm Roof Pro use C24 timber for its eaves beam, wall plates, eaves infills, ridges, Hips, and structural jointing timbers. None structural joints in the panels use SIP cassettes.

Hips, and ridges are cut to the angles required, then bonded with pu adhesive, and mechanically fixed in our factory.


Sips Panels

Specification: 145mm thick structural insulated panel (SIPS)


Thermal conductivity:

Insulation core: 0.023W/m/K

OSB3 facings: 0.13 W/m.K

Facings: 11mm Oriented Strand Board

Insulation core: High performance CFC/HCFC free rigid thermoset urethane foam.

This SIPS panel roof achieves a U-Value of 0.18 w/m.k, 0.15 w/m.k is achievable using 37.5mm insulated plasterboard, 0.13 w/m.k is achievable using 62.5mm insulated plasterboard.


Roof Windows

Velux have been world leaders in roof windows for more than 70 years delivering the durability, and the highest quality.

Being installed at a angle in the roof (minimum roof pitch 15°) they give great ventilation to the room, and give natural light deep into any room.

The exterior of the Velux is finished in anthracite grey, this finishes off very well with the exterior of the Warm Roof Pro.

The interior of the Velux is finished in white pvcu, timber pine, or timber white spray painted.


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