Warmroof PRO – thermal efficient conservatory roof systems

Warmroof PRO – Solid Conservatory Roof System – Retro-Fit

It’s here, the Warmroof PRO, solid conservatory roof system.Warm roof pro is an all timber construction system that really delivers. With no use of aluminum, the risk of cold bridging is avoided, creating a true warm roof.

The warmroof pro is manufactured in our modern workshop to very high standards. Our bespoke manufacturing system ensures all project requirements are met. The finished product is supplied in kit form with an installation guide, enabling quick, stress free assembly on site.

Our roofs are made from structural insulated panels (SIP). Fixings, breathable membrane, tiles, fascia, soffit, and guttering are all supplied. We supply two tile systems, Tapco slate, and Extralight, both tile systems screw direct to the roof panels eliminating the need to batten the roof.

Retro Fit Market

The vast majority of conservatory roofs in the UK are constructed using polycarbonate panels, these are not only cold in the winter, and hot in the summer, but tend to be noisy in rainy, and windy weather. Also if you can hear your neighbours, they can hear you.

Our high quality, high performance roofs provide an all year living space.


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