Most conservatories are exempt from Building Regulations. However, that exemption depends on certain criteria that the conservatory must meet and any changes you make to the structure, including adding a solid roof, can mean it will no longer be exempt and building regulations may apply.

When adding a solid roof you are likely to be significantly changing the percentage of the overall structure that is glazed. This means your conservatory will therefore become subject to building regulations.

Eco-Logic Roofing Systems Ltd have set up a separate partnership and system approval with Approved Building Control Inspector Jhai Ltd.

What is an Approved Inspector?

Building control is a service traditionally provided by individual local authorities who are not able to control work outside their geographical area making it difficult for a retailer who works across multiple Local Authority areas – consistency of approach can even be an issue within the same LA.

Eco-Logic Roofing Systems Ltd has created the option to submit applications to a single approved inspector such as Jhai Ltd. They are licensed through the CIC (Construction Industry Council) to carry out this regulatory service and are able to operate throughout England and Wales.

Download the full JHAI Information Brochure here.